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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 11, 2010 7:28pm-8:00pm EST

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interest. >> take a look at these power lines swaying during one of the more than ten aftershocks over the course of six hours alone. there were reports of significant damage in at least one city. and it all played out during a mon momentous day for chille, they eyed the situation. the situation remains grim for countless survivors. cnn's sarah sidener has a reality check from port-au-prince. >> 70-year-old annna among roughly 40,000 earthquake survivors in one of haiti's top
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figsz. no one has told us what they will do for us. we are here like children in a prison. nearly two months after the quake, all of these people simply don't know what to do or where dog. most shocking, neither pierre or his neighbors have heard one word from their government. the government should know what to quickly do for us, he says. and then there's dr. luige lerco, a psychologist volunteering in the camps. >> what do you think of the response so far from their bubbles. >> i may kindle the next year. >> most troublesome at all, there is a union-backed plan to move some 150,000 people to bet
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this on tv. the u.n. says it has already distributed tarps or tents to more than. but it is scorching hot in here right now, but they are extremely worried about the rain, and heersz why. there are a lot of gaps where the water can come in and wash out tvrg they have. here. you don't only this? >>. >> so after the attention all paid to haiti, we went to talk to the finished. the country is not a huge pris
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of risk because the weight has been built on the other side. and thirdly, a lot of kf is or overcrowneded. and will there. we have to move out one of the 150,000 very quickly. >> do you have that money right now? >> no. >> where is it? >> the money is in the hands of the donor countries. >> but the u.n. says, i think under getting 4.2 million people were food, 4.3 million people received water. >> haiti will make a strong itch for the feed pact stead. in all these people. they wait for term in their government and wait for the
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itself poechl when cnn lose pens. our fort faircy bill gordon looked into that. >> this is really the model size. >> this is what we call a transitional shelter. it's a temporary home. it's designed to last one to two years. >> this is earthquake proof. >> it is yield together, and the whole building about shape together. it kov maybe just the strufr itself. >> the overall ks is about 75, which is average family size in haiti. >> this could be expanded to any size, rig size. >> this is steel because the rain co come in.
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it soinds like we used material for that. >> this material is fascinating. you to an, a traditional development of this. >> what's the sense of urgency about this? >> the sense of urgency is tremendous. having the materials here by may 1st is a race against time. >> how quickly can you get set up? does it change your opinion about people. >> i'm not going to have another day. in i and to live in kpgsz is you're susceptible to the elements, you're susceptible to diseases. >> these are safe, weather resistant, wind resistant, people can live in them for several years in this kind of
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reconfiguration while food structure takes place. >> in you don't to some of the slumps and hated it, i was back on the u.s. team. it's pretty deplorable conditions, stat have i. >> joel daugherty, cnn, washington. >> how could someone -- trust me. if federal sood safety organizers.
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lisa, what else is going on? >> this is a story we've been
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tracking all evening. the wife and daughter of senate majority leader, harry reid, are in the hospital tonight following a serious crash on interstate 95 in virginia. an ohio man has been charged with reckless driving for triggering the four-vehicle collision. senator reid's wife landra suffered a broken back, neck and broken nose. her daughter, lana, suffered less serious injuries. a semi rear-ended them which caused a chain reactions. president obama rears up its ugly head for another. meanwhile, palestinian authority president says the building announcement will make it difficult for palestinians to negotiate with israelis. authorities in yemen are holding an american of somali
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origin after a deadly shootout at a yemeni hospital. 26-year-old moeb lee was being treated in the hospital after a roundup of suspended al-qaeda members. he shot and tried to kill a guard when he tried to escape. that confirms the agency is investigating but would not comment further. officials in somalia say heavy fighting in the capital of mogadishu has covered a span of only two days. they have gotten to within a mile of the heart of the capitol. it's estimated maybe more than half of the city's estimates found that are afraid to leave their homes. wolf? >> you may have one in your wallet right now. we're talking about a grocery store shopper card.
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follow all dosing instructions. stop taking actonel and tell your doctor if you experience difficult or painful swallowing, chest pain, or severe or continuing heartburn. these may be signs of serious upper digestive problems. promptly tell your doctor if you develop severe bone, joint, or muscle pain, or develop dental problems as serious jawbone problems have been reported rarely. to get a free trial offer of once-a-month actonel, visit and ask your doctor how once-a-month actonel can help you reverse bone loss. a number of common grocery items manufactured by two companies are now being recalled because they could be contaminated with salmonella. and now federal investigators say they have a new tool for tracing such outbreaks. let's go to cnn's mary snow. she's been looking into how health investigators are using data from the supermarket shopper cards to help them with their investigations.
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what are you finding out, mary? >> the cdc considers this a breakthrough of sorts. they said while they tried to use shopper cards in the past to try to trace outbreaks, they just recently had success doing it. when people get sick, information from what they purchased is used to find the source. >> she's touting a new tool after the cdc tracked a source of a salmonella outbreak that got all but six states. but barringer says the true claw came from data developed by the house and state by a card swiped at grocery stores. barovisch expanded the surge is it got nearly into 66,000.
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they say they only got into it with shopper's own information. we share the only wesh, from flg or from case interviews. and why you, professor marryian and professor nussel think these cards can be very useful. >> if people cannot were positives ning where they're after way there, what did you eat, about you they can't remember sna stanlee of the american civil lerds. but he's concerned about the potential for the misinformation to be using. the healthy enough lifestyle
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because you buy too much jong mood, buy too much kmol, it what yug saying, the went a an overside. wol? mary, thank you. the center for disease control estimates that $26 million found the breathe here. 2,700 in either old, sle among are those who had. tom hatches and steven spielberg say we want you to trek our kraefr even hbo mini
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let's go right to jack for the cafferty file. jack. >> the question this hour, why does divorce make men more suicidal than women by a substantial margin, by the way. g. writes, try paying 65 percent on may. then to top it off, you don't get to see your children because the court boent display disekzism. i on place. it's incredibly difficult to have your entire your wife and
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made a. soon after the divorce, i barely had enough left over to pay for a small one-bedroom apartment. martha writes, it is a known fact that women have always been able to live alone much better than men. simply put, women are built to survive being alone better because i believe we get lessee moeshl support from men than they get from us. then you ask yourself in the quiet times by yourself, why not? rosemarie in oregon, because a man loses everything, wife, children, money, friends and family who may have been close but are now suddenly distant. there is a lot involved in the
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loss of a marriage. it's like a death in your close. i divorced my wife last year after 30 years of a dead marriage. i tried all a man could try, even my two teenagers chose to live with me full time. some days the pain of missing my family, not her, is so great i just wish it was over. the kicker is, i'm a professional counselor and i try to help other people. i will go on. i will love again and remarry, i hope. this isn't how it was supposed d to be. not when i tried so hard to make it work. if you want to read more of those, we got a lot of them, go to my blog at >> some of them very, very emotional and very painful. >> yeah. >> jack, thank you. on our political ticker, attention over the abortion language in the health care debate is triggering a new re-election challenge for one antiabortion democrat from inside his own party. michigan representative bart stupak will now face off against retired businesswoman connie
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saltonstall in the upcoming primary. she accused stupak of being willing to sacrifice health care reform because of abortion funding. new york attorney cuomo recused himself from the probe swirling around the embattled governor david paterson. at issue whether paterson illegally took world series tickets or had improper contact with a woman who accused an aide of domestic violence. cuomo says he'sing aing consciously because of concerns over a possible conflict of interest. he's appointed an independent counsel to investigate. former republican presidential candidate mitt romney's latest book is soaring to number one on "the new york times" bestselling list. the book entitled "no apology the case for american greatness" set to debut at the top spot march 21st. romney, widely believed to be an tender if the 2010 republican nomination is on the midst of a nationwide book tour. rod blagojevich is trying his hand as a late night
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comedian. impeached after being accused of trying to sell president obama's former senate seat delivered the top ten list on david letterman's show last night and didn't hold back. >> how about my own show? "the haircut ref." how come i'm not a governor and paterson is? will my hair get along with trump's hair? >> blagojevich who will appear in the new season of the nbc series "celebrity apprentice" is in new york promoting the show next week. for the latest political news any time, check out let's check in with campbell for the top of the hour. coming up, one of america's biggest cities closing nearly half its schools. will students have to pay the price for the city's budget woes? we're going to talk to the man who led the charge to close the schools and who beliefs this is the best thing for the children there. then on a lighter note,
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wolf, conan o'brien made her a star, at least in the twitter world. we're going to talk to her and find out how she got mixed up with the former late night star as well. all coming up, wolf. see you in a few moments. film stars, top hanks and steven spielberg are here in washington, d.c.. you're going to find out how their compelling new drama series is honoring world war ii veterans. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at, we put the law on your side. (vet) i love working with animals,
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here's a look at the hot shots coming in from our friends at the associated press. pictures likely to be in your newspapers tomorrow. puerto rico, a golf cart navigates through a partially flooded golf course during a pga tournament. england, a man shows off his auto gyrox which he will fly around the world to raise money for cancer. romania, man walks through two train cars during a snowstorm. birmingham, england, a girl and her dogs take a breather during the annual dog show. hot shots. pictures worth a thousand words. now, a powerful tribute to world war ii veterans from two of the most powerful men in hollywood. that would be the director,
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steven spielberg, and actor, tom hanks. they're behind a new tv series called "the pacific." they came to washington, today, to promote the drama and to honor veterans in person at the world war ii memorial. our brian todd was there. brian? >> reporter: wolf, a lot of buzz around this series, which kicks off this sunday. it was a screening tonight at the white house. we caught up with the filmmakers who came here to this memorial to pay tribute to the veterans who inspired this work. what tom hanks and steven spielberg say they're after is for you to feel the fear, physical discomfort, the true climate of war. with their new series "the pacific" on cnn's sister network hbo they believe they've captured it. >> it's just that the pacific war, by its very nature on being fought on islands, in jungles, was a much more inhospitable, you know, kind of, you know, real estate to fight and die on and the jungle was just as, you
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know, pernicious and all consuming as the enemy that we were fighting. so it was a much different warp. >> reporter: spielberg and hanks want viewers to get the under the helmet view of the pacific campaign in world war ii. actor james badge dale told us how they captured all that shooting mostly in australia. >> the mud's real, the rain's real, the heat, the dust, the fire. the explosions. i mean, it was an immersive environment. >> reporter: dale plays one of three actual u.s. marines, whose stories are intertwined in the series from pearl harbor. none of the three men are still alived but series is based on lives on two of them. hurricanes of pacific veterans believe this is overdo. if you talk to veterans around here, many of them feel americans as a whole aren't getting awareness of the pacific theater of world war ii. hanks and spielberg have
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produced highly acclaimed depictions of the european campaign in world war ii. i asked hanks about hollywood's commitment to the pacific. does the pacific theater in american movie and tv get enough attention in your view? >> it certainly does. it gets a lot of attention, but it ends up running into this basic problem, is that there's no real geographical logic to the pacific. we had never heard of these places. we'd heard of paris, heard of berlin, heard of the english channel in london. we had not heard of newgloucester. >> reporter: jerome is ex-tactic about the series. he can barely speak about those he left behind. >> i look at that memorial and i get broken up to look at those gold stars. i'm sorry. now i know what the hell i fought for.
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>> reporter: tom hanks this project is all about people like jerome. when i ask frank if he depicted the veterans, it depends on the authenticity. if they get that right then the honor will come. >> brian todd, thanks very much. once again, that series, the that miniseries "the


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